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Many church and residential windows in the area have been around for a long time. Some are 50, 75, 100 or more years old. These windows eventually start showing their age. They get very dirty over the years, some of the lead joints break open, the reinforcement bars break away from the glass, the glass breaks or cracks, and sometime the whole panel will bow or warp significantly.

When these conditions are noticed the glass needs help before it fails completely. The studio can help evaluate the condition of the panels and make suggestions on the correct course of action in order to preserve the panels for the future.

Occasionally a full restoration is required. If this is the case a professional will need to go through a series of processes to bring the panel back to it's original condition ( as close as possible). Although this can be very expensive my studio is extremely cost effective due to low overhead.

Please give us a call for help in the preservation of your treasured stained glass panels.
​The Restoration of Old Stained Glass
Here is an example of a simple restoration of a group of diamond pattern church windows.
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This church window was selected for restoration due to bowed glass, broken glass and missing reinforcing bars.
A similar panel that has been removed from the window frame and is ready for disassembly.
This panel has been removed from the old sash. The next step will remove the reinforcing bars and produce a tracing of the existing pattern.
After the old panel has been disassembled the old lead is disgarded, the glass is professionally cleaned, broken glass is replaced, reassembled per the tracing with new lead and soldered together.
Reinforcement bars are added for strength. The panel is then installed into a new sash and painted.
The restored window panel is installed into place in the window frame. The window can now be completed with some plaster work and paint.
Four restored church windows reinstalled and looking good!
Restored windows going back into a church. We were able to use the original wooden sashes from 1910.
One of two leaded 1920's sidelights ( 22" x 63" ) that have been restored. They are having the final cleaning done before installation back into the house. Several broken glass pieces were replaced and all new lead and reinforcement bars were used to get it back to near new condition.
Outside of restored windows with vented protective covering installed for added life.
Two restored panels ready for installation in the church. This included cleaned glass, replacement of broken glass, new lead, new reinforcement bars, new glazing, reconditioned frames, and new memorial plates.
Here is a pool table light that met with disaster. It was busted up with missing parts, broken glass, and warped and twisted panels. 
Here it is after the restoration. A new apron and collar was added. All panels were repaired and straightened.  All new electrical and hardware was installed with LED lighting.
Here is an antique transom that had several broken pieces of glass, missing lead, separated lead, and glass coming out of the lead. We decided to do a restoration and make it look almost new again.
Antique transom after restoration. 
Good for several decades to come.
This front entry from a house built in 1899 has been completely restored. This all leaded clear glass entry was completely disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with new lead. Also an oval street number was added.
An early 20th century restaurant panel in bad need of restoration.
After the disassembly and cleaning of the glass the reassembly is in progress. New glass is installed to replace any broken pieces. 
The completed restoration ready to go back into the restaurant.