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Sunny Days Glass Art
There are hundreds of designs possibilities to fit the style and taste of your church and congregation. I will be happy to visit with you and work on a design that fits your needs. I have several books of designs to pick from. Your committee is welcome to visit my studio and select colors, textures, and have design input. I will make drawings of the design for the committee's approval before glass fabrication begins.

To protect this valuable stained glass we will need to consider the installation of a vented Lexan XL-10 panel or a safety glass on the extrerior side of the stained glass. This will protect the glass from breakage while still allowing for good light penetration.

Give me a call if you are going to undergo a church renovation or expansion and I can help make it a special project that is sure to light up your church.
Here are some possibilities for Church Window designs.
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Church Window Design approved by  window committee.
Panel assembled and ready for soldering.
 Finished window panel installed in the First Christian Church of Paris, Arkansas.
Three panel window design that was approved by the customer. This design represents the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove bestowing his seven gifts on humanity. Humanity then becomes impassioned ( on fire) to know and serve God.
Center panel after soldering.
Three panel window installed in the church using a custom aluminum frame and reinforcing bars.
Here are a couple of painted medallion examples that can be used in church windows. Many styles and shapes are available.
Simple church window ready for installation.
Top archway of a church window  under construction on the assembly table. Just about ready for the soldering process.
Completed 4 panel chapel window with two memorial plates at the bottom.
Here is the top of a columbarium window that has just been installed. It has temporary stop blocks in place until the correct molding arrives.
New window made to match other existing windows in a church.